Is Flash Player really too slow to run on mobile devices? Not when to comes to Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google. Google showcased Flash Player 10.1 running on an Android device during the Mobile World Congress keynote.

Part of the demo was the New York Times website – this time fully functional with Flash enabled, providing the real web experience including NYT’s videos, and their rich, interactive diagrams and features.

Android mobile device with FP 10.1            Without Flash Player

As Google correctly explained, the reason why the full Flash Player can run on mobile devices is because Flash Player 10.1 can directly access the hardware, decode videos and draw content directly via the GPU.

Lee Brimelow posted some interesting additional Android Nexus One demos on his weblog. For more demos, including Flash Player 10.1 running on some brand new tablets, visit the Flash Player 10.1 prerelease demo site.