Flashstreamworks is primarily focused on video trends, but it’s quite interesting to track the latest development in the Flash 3D space. Here is an interesting collection of new sites and links.

Bandit3 Most Wanted
A very impressive 3D city empowered by the Away3d Flash Engine. The complex world allows to literally move around the streets, enter buildings, and discover more about the company.

Portfolio Nick Joore
Nick Joore’s 3d portfolio is a must see. A colorful 3d world showcases his artistic skills by navigating a flying ship to different locations. The look and feel is similiar to what you would expect to run on e.g. a WII, but it actually is all rendered with the Papervision 3D engine.

Papervision 3D showcase
If you are searching for interesting Papervision 3D examples, this is a great destination. The site contains a rich link collection with previews, descriptions and ratings.

Alternativa3D V7 demo
Alternativa3D is an engine known for its Flash Player 10 accelerated first person shooter demo. The V7 demo showcases some of their recent advancements. Although visually not the most impressive demo, the performance in combination with the complexity of the model is just amazing.

It’s great to see the advancements in this space and the increasing performance. In case you have more inspiring sites, please comment on this post.