I’m hereby supporting Hulu’s efforts to take over the world by posting this clip on my “Bliggy-di-blog”. The technology behind the master plan is certainly less scary. But let’s assume for a second Hulu will take over the world, one of the important themes with the massive amount of video content will be be searchability.

Here is a great example how this can can be achieved by using the existing Production Premium CS4 speech-to-text and video search feature. The use cases for this are numerous, ranging from close captioning, to in-video search and content based advertisement. MSNBC uses similar functionality for their video player, which was especially popular during the election season. There are numerous indicators that the future of web video is searchable – which certainly will help to pursue any sort of evil (or good) plot, no matter it’s originated from aliens or with the focus to find content in your news achieve.