Adobe did some significant announcements today including the pricing of Flash Media Server 3 as well as the final release of Flash Player 9 Update 3.

Flash Media Server 3 will be much cheaper than Flash Media Server 2 and bifurcated into two versions.

Flash Media Streaming Server (FMSS) – no BW/connection limit – $995
Flash Media Interactive Server (FMIS) – no limits $4500

FMSS will include a streaming specific subset of the FMIS features. Additionally FMIS can be configured as Origin and Edge server, which reflects a 90% price cut.

To learn more about FMS 3 check out: – FMS product page
Feature comparison chart

Additionally, the final version of Flash Player 9 is available to the public and offers H.264/HE-AAC, hardware accelerated, multi-core enhanced, full-screen video playback for high-resolution viewing across major operating systems and browsers.

Read the press release.