Macromedia posted an interesting Daily MAX coverage on their website, including the “The Flash Platform Roadmap”, a General Session Coverage and “Macromedia Product Sneak Peeks”.

Very interesting news about the Flash Player 8.5, Flash Lite 2.0, Flex 2 also “Apollo”, a “unversial client”, which will provide Flash and HTML functionality and will run independent from the web browser.

“Apollo will support the improvement of user experience by embracing the best of client technologies ñ data synchronization, the ability to work online or offline, and desktop integration, and more…”

My favorite line from the keynote:

“Users are downloading Macromedia Flash Player 8 at an astounding rate. There have been almost 100 million Flash Player 8 downloads so faróthat is about five million downloads per day. In fact, during the keynote alone, about 400,000 Flash Players were downloaded and installed.”