I was just looking through the latest edition of Edge, Macromedia’s newsletter, where I found a short feature by Tim Napoleon, from VitalStream. In a nutshell, Tim invites us to start producing Flash Video content now; not the next year, or the next month, but today.

And so comes the natural question: Are you, your company and your clients ready to deploy Flash Video content? what do you need to start integrating video in your websites and advertising pieces?

Yeah, you need the camera, but the question is not about equipment.

The explosion that determined the success of Flash as a viable rich media delivery system also brought us the the “skip intro” era, which today still refuses to end. It’s a complex phenomenon and has been the subject of endless discussions for years, and it’s not my intention to start one here.

However, in the same fashion, now that the Flash Player is the best alternative available to deliver video right in the browser, when and where is it a good idea to deploy Flash Video?

Fortunately, the new technologies make it easier to develop usable solutions, and the current costs of bandwidth and hosting services can “help” preventing the misuse of Video.