As most of you might already know, Macromedia has started shipping the Flash Video Kit, an attempt to make it easy for everybody to deploy Flash Video content. As Greg Stern, VP of Developer Relations at Macromedia, writes here, the Flash Video Kit is a response to current trends in the Rich Internet content market.

According to a survey Macromedia run last May, writes Greg, almost 80% of content owners are interested in “building interactive video experiences by tying video to various elements on [their] web pages”, and some of them are even willing to learn Flash in order to do so. In other words, when you combine the always increasing adoption of broadband Internet connections (either at work or home), with the most ubiquitous video-capable browser plug-in (the Flash Player, of course), the possibilities are endless, and we are starting to see excellent examples of Flash Video pieces.

Lucky us, we were already expecting the Flash Video wave, now we gotta surf it!

The Flash Video Kit contains a Dreamweaver extension, a light version of the latest release of Sorenson’s Squeeze and a free 15-day trial of Flash Video Streaming Service Lite, powered by VitalStream. After that, the monthly maintenance isn’t cheap if you are a freelancer, it runs for about a hundred bucks a month. But I’m sure it pays for itself if you’ve got clients craving video sites.

Today, Macromedia features a number of tutorials and articles in the new Flash Video Developer Center. To get started with the Flash Video Kit, you check out this tutorial. Then, if you want to create customs skins for the controller, follow this one.

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