This progressive FLVPlayer is a player that allows you to play Flash Video FLV files on the web. It is free to use (see license agreement).

It is part of the book “Hillman Curtis on Creating Short Films for the Web“, where I’ve contributed the chapter “Why Flash Video?” to.


  • Easy to use – define the FLV filename in the HTML file
  • Flash authoring enviroment is not required
  • Automatic resizing
  • Smart buffering
  • Full source code included
Zipfile – Read “readme.txt” for instructions.This player does not require a Flashcom or FVSS account. If you modify or enhance the player, please contact¬†Flashstreamworks.
This software is provided by Flashstreamworks for full, free and open release. It is understood by the recipient/user that Flashstreamworks assumes no liability for any errors contained in the code. Although this software is released without conditions or restrictions in its use, it is expected that appropriate credit be given to its author should the software be included by the recipient as an element in other product development.All logos, trademarks, patents, copyrights, slogans, etc… are property of their legal owners.
If you think any of your rights are being violated here, please contact Flashstreamworks